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Changing decor

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Hi. I'm somewhat new to having fish so I'm a little nervous and careful about what i do.

I have a tank that has been going for 5 days, I got my fantail on the third day. The first day he was slightly stressed but now he is very comfortable. My question was would he be stressed if i changed the decor? I plan on switching out the decor completely for new stuff. (There are only 2 things in the tank right now.) Would the switching of decor change the pH levels? Also how long should I wait after washing the decor in tap water before putting it in the tank? Thanks so much :rolleyes:

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Hello, and welcome to the forum! :hi

First off, is your tank cycled? If your tank is not cycled, that may be a reason that he could be stressed.

Most decor will not alter the pH, really. The only thing I could think of that may mess with pH is substrate (mostly the kind used for planted tanks). Anything else is fine. Usually a quick rinse under the tap is good enough, and you can put it right in the tank. If they are live plants, or used decor, then you may have to consider sterilizing.

Goldfish usually don't react much with changes in their environment, granted that they are not very severe, they are quite mellow. If you only have 2 things in your tank, I don't think it'll be to drastic. You can always slowly add in your new decorations, if you are still wary.

Do you mind taking a shot of your current setup? We'd love to see. :) And how are you planning to decorate the tank?

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The tank is cycled, and I tested the levels and everything is good :)

I plan on adding new rocks, a few plants and a larger rock decoration.



Hi Nina, and welcome to the forum! Your little fantail is adorable!

You mentioned your tank is cycled, but your original post said it's only been running for 5 days? The cycle takes around 6 weeks (see http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/FishlessCycle.html re: cycling the tank prior to adding fish), so please confirm.

Do you have test results for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? I would recommend the API master test kit (the liquid is much more reliable than the strips), but in the meantime if you don't have a test kit, most pet stores will do the testing for free if you bring in a sample of your tank water and a sample of your tap water. Just be sure they provide you with specific numbers if you do this, rather than "your water is fine" or some other non-specific statement. We need to know what the test results are in order to help give you the best course of action.

Also, do you know how many gallons your tank is?

Unfortunately, hollow ornaments are not the best for a goldfish tank - poop, algae, bacteria, etc. will gather in there to the point that it's a hazard to the health of the fish. And goldfish poop a lot! Healthy goldfish don't hide, so they don't need a cave or anything like that. Also avoid anything that is sharp. If you would still like to use a hollow ornament, you can simply seal off the holes so nothing can collect inside of it. When I was new to the hobby I had a big hollow cave in my tank ... and when I removed it all this poop rushed out into the water, turning it brown to the point that I could no longer see the fish ... yikes!

I am glad you came here - this community is a wealth of knowledge, and has helped me so much!

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