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Overwhelmed by so many options!


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Now, I have 3 questions about the dirted tank:

1) what percentage of the substrate should be covered in plants for it to work best, and

2) I want 1-2 wpg for this setup, correct?

3) is it true that you can't use the Seachem liquid fertilizer with Vallisneria spp.?

1) If you're using dirt you want as many plants as you can get from the start so they can out compete the algae.

2) 1-2 wpg is considered low to medium light and is what I'm using. Seems to have worked well for me these last six weeks with a large variety of plants.

3) I've heard that. With dirt you don't really need any ferts since you'll be having plenty of dissolved organics naturally in your system.

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Also, if you're doing a dirt planted tank I would highly recommend getting some nerite snails after a few weeks. They do a great job of eating dead leaves and algae. They lay tiny dots of eggs but won't reproduce in your tank.

When my vals had some wilt on their tips the nerites would climb up to the top, chomp a bit till the wilt was all gone, then head back down the other side.

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