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Starting A New Saltwater Tank. Documenting The Process

Paradox Owl

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So, our heater broke in our saltwater tank and the temp dropped to 60ish. We slowly tried to warm the water up, but the Firefish, Fred, died.

We have decided to take a break from this Saltwater endeavor. Nano tanks are much harder to maintain then larger ones. I turned this tank into a freshwater tank for the Betta fish we have named Rocket Pop. He has the 20 long to himself with an assassin snail, John Wilkes Booth.

You can. contrary to popular belief, reuse the substrate. In our case it's sand. You need to drain the tank, then refill it while stirring the sand around. Repeat this process until you salinity reading is 0. I even used test strips that test both salt and freshwater. I used this because if there was any salt in the water, one of the readings wouldn't have shown. This process took a long time and several fillings and emptyings. The water becomes VERY cloudy but will dissipate in a day or so.

I used a cycled sponge filter for his tank, warmed the water, tossed in pest snails to ensure water was good, then added him. He is a VERY happy Betta. Being from Walmart he has his problems but he's an awesome little guy. I'll post a pic when I can.

Im so sorry hun... Yeah I started to get into problems with my SW tank and I had three other tanks in the house... It was just getting to hard to deal with.... i miss the tank.. :(

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