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Im giving away a one month Subscription to a member that isnt already a Subscriber.... Starting May 1st to May 31st. After the May 31st I will do the drawing.

The post number will be your Raffle number. At the end of the Raffle I will be doing a Random Drawing from a Random number Generator Site. I will then take a screen shot and show you the winning number. This Raffle will be open for one Month.

Just so everyone is clear, when you make a new daily post, that doesn't take away from your other number
Each post is an entry as it were, so by the time the raffle thread closes, you may have several entries/posts.
Each post is numbered:

You are allowed up to one entry (post) every 24 hours (PST (Pacific Standard Time) only), each post you've made now goes into the 'hopper' and will increase your odds of winning!

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