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So went to a Fish Shop today, they didn't have the trisulfa I wanted, but there was a lot of awesome looking fish. I can't take any home (lack of space AND Money with how much some of these guys were!) but I still like to share them with you guys! (Sorry for the bad quality, phone pics ya know)


This Orana was Bigger than my hand, biggest fancy goldfish I've ever seen, he absolutely dwarfed every other fish in the tank...they were selling him for...wait for it...$300 :jawdrop:



Those Ranchus were going for $100





This comet was huge...And he had been sold, was waiting pick up...he was $120


And some Videos (Sorry I don't know how to embed them D=) (Also sorry again for the quality, I'm new to this video thing and youtube absolutely killed them)

- Goldfish

- Marine Fish
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