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Help with my Python?

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So the 'tunnel/tube' part of my python broke, the other 'tunnels/tubes" I have are too small to fit on the hose of the Python, I was going to buy a whole replacement part


But they can't ship to Australia :(

I haven't had any luck finding a tube that will fit to the hose/rest of the attachments (It's a larger diameter than anything else I have/have seen)

I've looked around the web for different sites to get the replacement from with no luck (at least for a resonable price and not the same price as the whole python:K)

So um, any suggestions?

EDIT: Amazon will shop the 24 Inch Tube, but not that 10 Inch one which I currently have (or had since it's smashed now) Does the length of the tube make any difference?

(I'm not very thrifty so the thought of trying to DIY something doesn't really appeal to me xD

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Hose couplers- they look similar to this and you can get them as reducers to fit different hose diameters together.. https://www.masters.com.au/product/901050954/maxi-flo-hose-coupling Bunnings has cheap ones.

I used them when I had my home-made python since the hosing that attached to my vacuum had a smaller diameter than the hosing I was using to attach to my pump.

Sorry, I jumped straight to finding a site that would supply the piece you wanted on amazon and didn't think about that :whistle

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yeah, you should be able to pick them up at any fish shop and possibly the larger hardware stores. don't order from overseas, save some money on post. in fact, i have one here. if the one i am thinking of fits my python hose, i can send it to you.

will let you know tomorrow.

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Ah thanks so much guys! Unfortunately I jumped the gun a bit and ordered the bigger one from Amazon..They only slugged me 7.50 for postage though instead of the $50 the other place wanted @_@

But these have all given me great ideas that I will definitely keep in mind if I ever come across this problem again (And while waiting to get my new part since I'll need to do a water change before then!)

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