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Sick fish?


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i would also like to mention that the ph is going down in the tank.

The ph of our tap water seems to vary slightly. There are a few different water sources here so our tap water doesn't always come from the same reserve, Usually it doesn't matter since I'm only doing a partial water change, but with a 100% change its obvious.

Is this not good? I did mix it the fresh tank water into their water a little at a time over a few hours thinking it would help acclimatize them before moving them. I'd love other suggestions if there is a better way of doing this!

I had planned on doing the 100% water change in the morning when I got up, and only did a partial change that night, but they looked so much better in the morning. I'm actually now wondering if the white fluff looking stuff is new wen growth. Either way, the antibiotics/methylene-blue seemed to really do wonders for the sores on their body, and how they're feeling. They're currently happily swimming around and playing.

What should I do from here now though? I don't want to give them treatments or anything they don't need, but I also don't want to say "they look happy" and just give them clean, fresh water and then have them turn around and go right back to where they were a few days ago.

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