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Orandakins update!

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I haven't posted any videos of the fry in awhile, bit here's a quick video of one of the babies discovering the castle! :D

The fry are about 3 1/2 months old now. Some of the solid colored ones look like they're finally just starting to lose their fry color! Some of them look like they are starting to turn a silvery color, and some of them look like they're turning gold.

I wish I could just keep them all and watch them grow up!! I know I don't have enough room though....I would make them a pond to live in my back yard if it didn't get so cold in the winter where I'm moving. :(

I'm gonna have to find homes for these guys before too long. I feel like that's gonna be a challenge considering I wanna make sure they go to people who will actually care for them properly. Any advice on finding good homes is appreciated lol.

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