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Does anyone have this scale?

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I got it a long time ago to weigh Lola(chihuahua) I needed it so I could keep track of her weight, down to ounces.

I weighed Gumdrop on it and he weighs 3g --which would be grams, right? There are 4 different calibrations on this scale.

kg comes up first, next is lb & oz,next is just oz,then it just says g.

Should I be weighing him in grams or one of the other settings?


Googled it and found it on Amazon! :yikes


Surprised it's still being made. :rolleyes:

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Waddles is adorable! :heart do you feel like a grandma? :hummm

When I first got him, the little neon I have was longer than him! :wub: I wish I would have weighed him when I first got him. :rolleyes: But, I was too chicken. :krazy:

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