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Strange behavior after breeding?

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So my goldfishes have been breeding pretty much all day....and Hodor has laid well over 100 eggs today. Now I think they've finally finished, and they're acting a little odd. They're all kind of gasping at the surface, especially Hodor:


I just did a large water change hoping it would help, but they're still doing it. They've been doing it for over an hour. Is this normal behavior after breeding, or is there something wrong? I'm not even entirely sure if it's related to the breeding, but I've never seen them do this before, and the breeding is the only thing out of the ordinary.

I have a bunch of air stones in the tank and the same amount of oxygenation as usual, so I don't think that's the problem. Any ideas?0

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Do you have a heater? Mine did this when I had a heater malfunction and the tank got too hot.

Nope I don't use a heater (I'm paranoid it'll malfunction or something lol).

They're acting normal again now. That was really weird though, I've never seen them act that way before.

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