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March is New Fish Month

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Hiya guysssss~! <3

I have a few photo loaded threads to make over the next few days, but thought I'd start off by introducing my new fishies which arrived on the 26th of March.

These chappies came from the same breeder that my last group came from, all of which are happy and growing well. Mostly I was looking for a white oranda to complete my tank, but who could resist 2 shubs, 2 fans, 2 oranda and a black moor for the same price as one oranda would be at the LFS??



Waiting to be weighed and measured 8D

Aren't they just adorable?







This guy is just beautiful, the photos don't do him justice at all:



I think both these guys have great potential for massive wens, yay! ;D


Aaaand here's the little guy I really wanted. His cap is near perfect, and he has red lipstick ;DDD

My friend named him Cupid, and it will probably stick.


And the moor. :3


Besides Cupid, they don't have names yet. I suspect they'll end up with Hobbit or Game of Throne names, hah.

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Oh my gosh so many cuties!! I love the white or and a and the coppery fantail!! Congrats on the new cuties :)

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Thanks!! Fan aren't my favourites, but they're still super cute!

Awww, they're so teeny and cute! Love the redcap and the moor. :heart

I knowwww right. Me too ;DD

Nice. Wish my pictures were that crappy. lol

Lmao xDD

Cuties all!

Yes indeed! Thanks :D

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They are so cute!! :heart

Yes they really are :DDD <3

What fun to get to unpack that box!!!!

It was! I was tearing into it in the car ride home, which was tricky since the packer had used huge amounts of tape.

What an adorable group of little fish. Congratulations, I'm jealous. :P

Thanks very much~! :D

Awww! They're adorable! They're so teeny now but before long I bet they'll be little monsters :teehee

Tell me about it. The tiny babies I got last year are huuugeee already.

Very cute little guys! :)

Thanking you!

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That would be sooooo fun to get that many new fish at once! What a gorgeous bunch! I love the variety of breeds and colors! :clapping:

Makes it a bit of a mission finding names for everyone. ;D But yes it's super fun!

Yay! New fishies :wub:


Your pics are great :) I live the shubunkins! :)

Thanks, haha. I love em too. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

They are all soooo adorable! :D:heart


Lovely fish, Shu. :D

Will they be going in the pond?

Thanks! The shubs and fans will be going straight out to the pond after QT and the orandas and moor are staying inside for a while at least. :)))

Me want! Me want! Me want! Beautiful fishies!

They're miiiiineeee, you can't have em ;P

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Excellent selection!

Not bad at all. ;D

What a bunch of cuties! Congrats!

Thank you~~

They're so little, and cute!

Sure are :DDDD

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Redcap died today, and the moor and orange fan don't look that good. 3 hours after a water change and start of round 4 prazi + salt, doubt that's a coincidence. QT is going on hold and tank's getting multiple fish-less water changes. Seriously pissed off and wondering why I even bothered. x____X

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