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How to make sure each of my fish gets the right amount of food..


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I weighed my fish for the first time in over a year

Last time Google - 64 grams - 4inches

Cali - 82 grams - 4.5inches
Tiger - 71 grams - 6 inches
Honey - 38 grams - 3 inches
Bamboo - 20grams - 2.5inches (Maybe closer to 2)
Abraham - 80 grams - 4.5 inches
Google: 57 grams (Worried about this, maybe he isn't getting enough food..)
Cali: 85 grams (Think I need to up my feedings...)
Tiger: Didn't weigh, he splashed so much water over my scales they wouldn't work :K
Honey: 50 Grams
Bamboo: 26 grams
Abraham - 180grams (OR Just feed this monster seperately :K)

These have me quite worried. Bamboo doesn't appear to have grown in length at all, though I couldn't measure because I can't find my ruler.

The only one of my fish I've been able to get to hand feed is Honey, and that's only when she is separate in another tub.

It appears that although I thought my fish were getting the right amount of food Abraham is getting most of it (Or maybe its weird genetics, I don't know, Bamboo hasn't had any noticeable growth since I got him over 2 years ago)

But I am worried that some of them aren't getting enough. (Or maybe my scales were being stupid with all the water :/)

So what is an easy way to make sure they all get their fair share? I don't have a lot of time in the mornings so I tend to just dump the food in there and they all go for it.

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I would tend to believe the numbers, and with the exception of one, the story seen here is that you are in a holding pattern, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. If you are satisfied with things, then keep as you have been doing. If not, increase your food amount by about 15-20% and check again in 3 months. :)

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I'm mainly worried about the fact that Google has lost weight I guess. I've had him for 6 years though,he is my oldest could it be age? He obviously can't see as well as the others, having only one eye, but tends to be the first to find the food once it hits the bottom.

Just want to make sure that my fish are healthy really, especially since Bamboo doesn't grow much at all and Google has lost weight. =3

(If age makes any difference these are the times I got them)
Google - April/May 2008

Cali - May 2008

Tiger - July 2008

Bamboo - May 2011

Honey - May 2011

Abraham - January 2011

(Haha what is it with me getting fish in may?)

Looking at that age doesn't seem to be a factor :lol:

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To be honest, I don't really see anything worrying.

I can tell from their weights versus how long you've had them that you are definitely not overfeeding, which is a great thing. While these fish are not particularly large, the tradeoff for large fish may be shorten lifespan. So, it seems to me like you've found a pretty good balance.

It may be a tad worrying that Google has lost some weight, and for that you might try to compensate by diverting some of Abraham's food to him. Other than that, the numbers are good. I would rather have these kinds of numbers than rapid gains. :)

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