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metro meds in Australia


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As many of you know medications for our fish is extremely hard to aquire for goldfish here in Australia.

Ive been reading so much about Metro meds. And wondered, can I make my own (or something very similar)?

From what little info I can find Metro Meds is a krill based food. And contains Metronidazole and an unknown (to me) antibiotic.

I have several quality pellet foods here atm and a few metronidazole tablets.

So what would I need to do?

Dissolve tablet into some water (declorinated or not?)

And add the pellets to soak up then remove pellets to dry.

But how much water? What amount of metronidazole and approx how many pellets?

Obviously this isn't going to be exactly the same, buy considering that bugger all is available here its got to be better than nothing right?

I have made some medicated food before using aquacycline.

Im wondering if this could be the antibiotic I could use?

Any info would be great

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According to what Alex told me, the active ingredients in MMs are: metronidazole, Romet B, and oxytetracycline. Since you have extremely limited access to meds there, I don't think you could get close to it.

Metronidazole can be easily made into a gel food, but I don't know if soaking pellets in it would give you a strong enough concentration for what you need to do. If you try to make a medicine food with it, I would suggest getting some organic baby food from the store and some unflavored gelatin. From there you can mix in the metro at the required concentration. Do you have a D&D thread up for the issue? And have you contacted Helen for help? Maybe she has something you could do.

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I just watched a youtube video. He crushed (defrosted) frozen peas and then sprinkled the metronidazole onto the peas allowed it to sit for a bit then fed to the fish

You can do that, but then you have no idea how much you are delivering, resulting in too much or too little.

It's important that during treatment, the fish get an exact amount based on their weight, or you risk damaging the fish even more, or wasting your time.

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If you're wanting to make up metronidazole food, it's going to be far more accurate with dosing if you make it into a gel food and dose the metronidazole based on the wet weight of food. I use the repashy gel foods for it- the heat from the mixture doesn't denature the medication so you can add it directly after heating.

For homemade gel food, I usually just make up a tasty but simple gel food of pumpkin, kale, some garlic, and probiotic (added when cooled- before gelatine) and make around 100-200g and freeze the rest. For a gel food, you make up a 1% metronidazole solution to wet weight of food.

The only point I find to soaking food in metronidazole is if you're feeding it to smaller fish like some tropicals- it's too hard otherwise to dose the metronidazole for medicating orally, and I personally can't get my hands on enough metro to dose it to the water. Ideally I'd rather add it to the water than soak. I follow Noga's guide for oral formulations which is the same as gel food (1% solution of metro to water), however the food is soaked in the solution for 3 hours. The downside is that you end up with a layer of crushed metro on the bottom, so you don't have an accurate ratio of medication : food. So like Alex said, you can end up feeding too little of medication.

The medicated food doesn't stay in the goldfish's system long enough for it all to be digested, so consequently they expel some of the medication (good reason to also quarantine!). Making the medication up into a gel food and mixing it in well enough so it is evenly distributed is the best way to make sure they're getting as much of the medication as intended. For the same reasons Alex mentioned above, I wouldn't soak food if you don't need to.

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