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Tastee Choice Salad Shrimp


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Recently I was going to make a somewhat related topic, but I don't think I ever did.

Anyway, I have found that Tastee Choice Salad Shrimp are a wonderful food for my fish, even for the food-related floaters. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a decent picture of the package, so here I took one myself.


A 3.5oz package is (for human consumption) considered 1 serving, and contains 8% of your daily value of sodium. Of course I do not feed my fish the whole package, but maybe 15-20% of it divided amongst 14 goldfish, one 10" pleco and a 20g full of tropicals. That amount of shrimp


is being soaked in a bowl full of room temperature water for 30 minutes or more in order to draw at least part of the sodium out. The shrimp may become a bit mushy, but it's not like the fish care. The soggier, the better. I also tear the larger ones up a little bit, but the smaller ones are perfect even for the mouths of small to medium size goldfish.

This feeding happens once or twice a week and I have not seen any ill effect in any of the fish, including the food related floaters. They all go crazy for it, and none of my floaters floats on it. In fact, these food related floaters rather float on Repashy or frozen foods such as blood worms and brine shrimp than on the soaked salad shrimp.

Maybe this might be a helpful suggestion to others with food related floaters, in order to get some extra protein into the fishers. :) I am sure it is no miracle food, and may not even work for everyone, but in some cases it really seems to be fantastic :)

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I'm so glad you posted this! Earlier today I was wondering whether it was an option to feed the goldfish these shrimp and was going to post a question. Here I find it's just been answered! Thank you!

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