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I have eggs!


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Just thought I'd share a couple of recent clips of the fry :)



They're growing steadily, some of them are really chunky haha, but they're doing well :) I'm feeding them something called 'instant baby brine shrimp', it's not cheap but it's the best thing ever when you have nearly 300 fry haha. I think I'm going to have to start feeding the bigger ones something a bit bigger soon, any suggestions?

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I need to get some more repashy, but tastyworms don't have any soilent green available right now :/ I'll try the bloodworms and crushed pellets though, thanks Lisa :)

I know haha, it's ridiculous. Unless I had some really quality fish, I don't think I'll ever take out this many eggs again :rofl they're no trouble really, but I think less would definitely be better :)

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