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Are any Fancies TOO fancy for a beginner?


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Charlie, one eye can shrink for no obvious reason or due to injury. Jared's Tatsu has had this happen. :hide: Don't tell her you heard it from me though. :yikes

This is true, I still have no idea what caused it. She also has a cataract in that eye. I treated with antibiotics but they didn't help :idont

Wait until I tell her that Lisa blabbed this on the internet :bat:


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I've heard the more rotund pearl scales varieties can be pretty delicate. It's certainly a breed that I had to personally work my way up to after I got the hang of taking care of a ranchu. I've had incredible luck with Orandas, Ryukins, and Telescopes though.

Although as someone has already stated, go for the one you'll enjoy the most. The passion and care will lead you to the education.

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