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Just a little Mochi (:


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Hey guys (:
Was feeding Mochi this morning, and just thought I'd share his profoundly rotund cuteness with you :heart

....He really is such a sweetie, small but sweet ;)

He was a bit shy at first.... :rolleyes: (please disregard all of the poo, tomorrow is water-change day :hide: )


But soon he gathered his courage to come investigate :heart:goldfish::heart


....He promptly began part one of his choreographed "FEED ME NOW PLEASE" dance, making it nearly impossible to photograph him :doh11::rofl3

...Thus ends our photoshoot, for all remaining photos of mochi are white blurs :krazy:

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MOCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loves him :D He's soooooo cute and look at that little belly he's getting ;) Hot stuff!

Awwwwwwww thanks Allie ! :D he is turning into a little chubber :heart

Elisa, he's very sweet. I love his unusual colouring.

Thanks Susanne ! I love how lemon-ey he is turning out :heart

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Beautiful!!!! :heart he's grown so much since I last saw pictures!

Thanks Mikey ! :D

I am amazed by how much he's grown, and by how such a little fish can develop this massive of a personality :rofl

He always gets me to giggle, he's just so quirky ! :teehee

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he is just so cute :) is he the same fish in your siggy??

Thanks :D

and yup, he is :wub:

awe :)

Thankyou Koko :Jig:

He is becoming quite the chubster! :D

He sure is!

I remember when I got him and I only fed him 4 saki hikari pellets a day (that's all he would eat).....

Now I have to make sure he's not eating too much :rofl

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He's blimping up nicely. :thumb:

:rofl :rofl

He really looks like a near perfect circle at times though.... pffffft :rofl2

Lol! How cute, is that where he got his name? :)

Yup :teehee

although I do think he gets rounder by the day :wub:

He's such a cutie pie! :D

Thanks Lis ! :)

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That lemon-y rotund ball of Mochi is sooooo sweet! :wub:

awwwwwww thankyou ! :heart

little mochi ball wants to grow up big and beautiful like whale and jack :D

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