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Sorry...still Need Some Help For Marmalady


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this poor fish of mine - will she ever be well i wonder?

marmalady still in quarantine - although i think this may well be her permanent residence now. :(

she still has some form of a parasite - still no idea what, but occasional flicking still occurs - she isn't doing it as much at the mo, but i can tell that something is still bugging her.

month ago or so a pimple developed on her body, near the top of her head, which then went white. emmaj kindly sent me some medigold - which seemed to make it go away, but then last week it went white and tufty again. it hasn't grown any in surface area, but looks like it might be deeper. she isn't really swimming around, she spends most of time on the bottom of the tank at the front corner, upright and without any sign of gasping - but all the same that surely cant be a good sign. she is in a well filtered 12ukG tank, with several plants to amuse her - but she hasn't paid any attention to them - not even nibled at her favourite plant!


she is still on the medigold - i giver her about 7pellets twice a day - she's about 7in - and she eats all that in couple of mins - so i'm assuming thats ok?

the only time she is active is when i open the lid section and shake her medigold tub - she starts swiiming up, she knows foods coming....but otherwise she just sits in the same place all the time!

yet when i feed her she is so fast - she can dart after any pellet that may be taken away by the current - so its not as though she is having trouble with swimming.

any thoughts on what i can or should do?

she's been 'sitting' now for about 4 days.

she's had the white tuft for just over a month.

water params all perfect - tested weekly with api kits.

i was concerned that maybe there was too much current in there - and have reduced tank to one fluval 2 with spray bar - but she is still not swimming around, so i know its not the current.

i dont know what to do now?

any thoughts anyone, please.


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Guest susong

Have you tried a salt solution of .3%??

That would be salt without anti-caking agents, diluted in a bit of tank water before adding it to the aquarium.

Do 1 Tbsp per 5 gal, wait 12 hours, then repeat. Wait another 12 hours, repeat again, so you have a total of 3 Tbsp per 5 gal.

When taking water out, add salt to replacement water, being careful with your measurements, so you don't 'pickle' her with too much salt.

If you've never done this..there's an excellent post by Ranchgirl that gives details...it's under the section that's for treatments for diseases.

Hmmm...Have you treated the actual wound with peroxide, and Polysporin, using a q-tip??

Hmmm...don't know what else. I'm sure there's others around here who will be able to offer better info. Wish you luck,,,Marmalady is such a cute name by the way...hope she pulls through!

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thank you susong - its a cute name for a cute fish!! :D

in feb i did a series of salt dips on her - which helped - but didn't completely rid the parasite - still dont know what parasite it is for sure, it sounds a lot like flukes - but she has never had the slime coat that normally comes with flukes.

i haven't tried putting salt in the tank as a whole - i cant right now as i decided as she'd had a few treatment free weeks to try another flukes med in there - but i think when the full week of this is up, after water changes etc - i may give that way a try. i'm tempted to put her through a series of salt dips again - but as i dont know what it is on her head - i'm afraid of doing her any harm - i've had her for many years, so am some what neurotic with the little lady!!

she has survived al of my fish keeping mistakes over the years - so am convinced she has well over 9lives - her current situ really should be a walk in the park for the old girl - or should i say swim up stream?1? :blink:


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