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Breeding concerns/questions

Paradox Owl

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Ok, so ever since I found out the genders of my fish, and realizing my tank is kept (inadvertently) at the proper temp ranges for Goldfish to breed, I figure it's time to ask experienced people what can/may happen.

First, can any goldfish species breed with others? Mutant, my Oranda is the only female (Unless Scraggy is one) in the "Main" tank. There's one male of breeding age, I saw his tubercles, named Apocalypse and he's a calico fantail, as is Zombie. I also have a male black moor, Little Fish. Can they all breed with Mutant? I think the babies would rule if they could!

Second, involves eggs. I get the idea, and please correct me if I am wrong, that I need to remove the eggs from the tank and set up a special fry tank. I have white gravel, so seeing eggs might be hard, but I'm keeping a close eye just in case.

Third would be the coveted fry. What would be a good size tank for them? Do they like plants? How do i feed them?

I am not trying to breed, but if it happens I want to make sure they get taken care of until I can rehome them.


Do the goldfish do any special behavior when laying or fertilizing eggs? Mutant, the female, has been rubbing the gravel a lot and likes to lie? in the plants. Soon as she does this and moves, one of the males goes and does a little wiggle dance over that exact spot. Are they just being silly?

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Hi P O, congratulations !! you now enter antoher beautiful world of fish keeping

first. answer as i see it, is yes.

second answer is yes is better as parents view the eggs as very good food ( is true too)

third, depends ofcourse upon number of fry but 40-60 liter (10 gal us or more soould be very nice for starters) a great food is live artemia. research it here on koko or internet how to. next is all other forms of dust food s I think.

PS , what you describe is not exactaly mating dances but seems to be near to a parasite problem in which the fish atempts to rub off the evil parasite in repeated brushes on the bottom.

A foto or video ot the action would help the experts here to id and give advice as to what to do it necessary.

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I just caught the thread on food.

10g, is going to be super easy! I have a spare. Or if worse comes to worse I can move the lone Betta from the 10g for a little while.

I'm REALLY curious to see if my moor, Little Fish, and Mutant breed. I wonder what an Oranda Black Moor hybrid looks like!

Now, if my fish have a parasite I'm going to be beyond angry because they just got a parasite treatment at the start of the month! They get one every 3 months just to be safe! I can try to catch a photo.

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