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Say Cheese.

Mr. Hyde

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I shot a few pics of my dynamic duo, and thought I'd share.

I particularly like the black sand, as it allows the fish to be seen in a nice contrast.

Really makes their colours look bold.

Thank you for looking.







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Very nice :) love the first pic.

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beautiful fish, and photos :heart

Very nice fish you have

Thanks, I'm glad you all like them.


Anyone know if they are male or female?

I haven't got the slightest idea.

Maybe they are too young to tell right now.

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Great photos Mike! :) I agree about the great contrast :nana

I demand a painting! :rofl

Okay, here you go.


...wait, did you mean my own painting?

I was kinda partial to this one by Mr. Matisse.

:rofl3 :rofl3 :rofl3 :rofl3 :rofl3 :rofl3 :rofl3 :rofl3

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