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Eye problem on butterfly tails bubble eye.


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I'm currently at work but, when I get home I will post pics.

So two things have gone on with Sir Isaac's eyes. One is that one eye has started to become substantially larger... I think? Or there may have been an injury to the other eye where is " deflated" somewhat... So at the moment one eye is much bigger than the other.

The other situation is that the eye which is larger has developed some red "blood" around the pupil. Looks like an injury so I treated it with a 3 percent salt solution over three days. He is back in the main tank now but nothing seemed to change.

I know its hard without a visual until I get home but, does any one have any thoughts?

My tank is pretty bare and there is not much to Bump into except some river rocks that are smooth and the intake pipe for the filters. It's bare bottom.

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ok, well what about the red discoloration in the eye? Hopefully its all normal.

That he may have hurt his eye somehow. My black telescope Othello had a bloody eye, and the red did not disappear for over two years.

As long as you keep the water pristine and keep nitrates low, I don't think you need to do anything else for it.

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