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The Orlando Koi and Goldfish Show: 2014

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This will be one of the largest Goldfish shows of the year. The show is a Koi and Goldfish show, last year they had a ton of entries


CFKS is sponsored by four central Florida koi clubs including the Orlando Koi and Pond Club, the Rainbow River Koi Club, the Gainesville Koi Club, and the Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club, and the ZNA Southern Koi Association. These member clubs incorporated the show as the Central Florida Koi Show Society, Inc. and are member clubs of the new national koi hobbyist organization, Koi Society. Click on club logos at the bottom of the page to visit club web sites.

Judges for CFKS 2014 are AKJA certified.

Congratulations to Grant and Penny Patton for bringing the Grand Champion two years in a row! Their 2012 CFKS Grand Champion Kohaku is featured on the cover for The American Koi Keeper, Koi Society's new online magazine. See http://koisociety.org

All of the koi pictured on the banner are examples of many of the fine show koi on exhibition at the Central Florida Koi Show. We hope you will drop by over the weekend to enjoy the many fine specimens, and stay a while to participate in our seminars and shop the vendor fair area. All are free to the public except a small charge for the all day seminars on Friday and Saturday.

When: March 7-9, 2014
Where: In Orlando on International Drive - The International Palms Resort
Address: 6515 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
Hotel Reservations must be in by February 7th for reduced rate: Phone: 407-351-3500

For sign-up and information for the koi show, seminars and banquet see Registration. Most all information is available at the pages on our menu bar, however if you do not see an answer to a question here, please select link below for email contact.

Thanks to all our Trophy Sponsors - Please visit our Trophy Sponsors' Page

Please contact Henry Culpepper if you would like to sponsor a CFKS 2014 Trophy.

Goldfish Show - For information please contact Richard Porter or Luanne Porter.

Mike McMahon - Vendor Information

Don Hellard - Show Donations

Sherri White - Koi Show Registration

Karen Hardcastle - Goldfish Show Registration

Henry Culpepper -Show Chairman with Co-Chairmen Richard Porter and Joe White

Seminars Galore! ...Orlando, March 7-9, 2014

presented by certified and candidate judges of the American Koi Judges Association

10:30 AM – Koi Judging/Appreciation Overview – Charles Phelps
10:40 AM – The Koi Show From a Judge’s Perspective – Bryan Bateman
10:55 AM – Body and Head Conformation – Speaker: Richard Porter
11:10 AM – Conformation – Fins & Scales – Speaker: Gary Elmore
11:25 AM – Quality (Skin & Color) – Speaker: Bart Atkinson
11:40 AM – Pattern and Finish - Speaker: Norman Call

Noon – Lunch break

1:30 PM - Judging Kohaku – Speaker: Grant Patton
1:45 PM - Judging Sanke/Bekko - Speaker: Joe White
2:00 PM – Judging Showa/Utsuri - Speaker: Phil Gray
2:15 PM – Judging Goshiki/Koromo - Speaker TBD
2:30 PM – Judging Kin Gin Rin - Speaker: Jason Guevara
2:45 PM – Judging Hikari – Speaker: Troy Head
3:00 PM - Judging Doitsugoi - Speaker: Dale Gingrich
3:15 PM – Judging Small vs Large Koi – Speaker: Mike Frady
3:30 PM – Q & A Session – Ray Jordan

4:00 PM - Public Judging Exercise Discussion – AKJA Committee

5:00 PM - Adjournment


9:00-9:50AM: Karl Schoeler - Landscaped water garden conversion to serious koi keeper

10:00-11:00AM: Ruth Francis-Floyd (University of Florida) - Medical Case Reports focusing on parasites and bacterial infections

11:00-12:00PM: Panel Discussion
Devin Swanson – Koi Acres
Mat McCann – Nisei Koi Farm
Bill McGurk – Purdin Koi Farm
(It is anticipated that these will be the suppliers of the koi used by the AKJA in its judging exercises conducted for judge training purposes. The panelists will discuss the koi supplied from their perspectives as breeders/dealers, and how their evaluations compare to the judging evaluations. Interesting insights are assured.)

1:30-2:15PM: Steve Childers – Limited Water Koi Keeping/providing maximum filtration, premium water quality

2:30-3:15PM: Maureen McGurk – All about Goldfish!!

3:30-5:00PM: Food Vendor Panel Presentation
There will be at least 9 different brands of koi food on sale at the show...Hikari, Mizuho, Tomigai, Kenzen, Ultra Balance, SoBe Koi house brand, Kodama house brand, Ultra Balance and Green Grow Aquaponics' certified organic vegan koi food. It is intended that each will have the opportunity to summarize the nutritional philosophy and highlights of their brand, followed by questions/answers. This is a topic that may extend beyond the allotted time!

And, of course....

On Sunday morning at 11:00am the judges will discuss koi entered in the competition as they walk around the show tanks. This is always highly informative and there is no admission charge.

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I believe that this is one of the largest koi shows. Last year was the first goldfish show, and there were very few entrants. I'm sure that there will be several times as many goldfish this year as last. Orlando is very nice in March and the show has been promoted well, but I doubt that this will be one of the largest goldfish shows in the country for a few years.

It's well worth attending though.

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Just to clarify the size of the show. They had just over 100 entries last year, I am not sure how that ranks as far as size, for a Goldfish show. I have about 150 Goldfish, I will be bringing for sale. Mostly "Pond" or single tails, but I also have about 50 "Tank" of side view that will be heading down with me

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I'm glad you are bringing pond-type goldfish. The previous 2-3 years that I've attended the only goldfish I've seen for sale were some orandas. Gazillions of koi were for sale.

Will you be attending, Sharon?

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