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My new fishy! :D

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Sooooooo on my way back from Jasper this weekend (which was soooooo much fun!), I got my BF to stop in the city, and I ended up picking up my first ever fancy goldfish! I have only ever owned single tails, so I am so excited!!! He was the only one left in his tank, and he was very active and adorable, so I had to have him!!! Plus s/he was only $3!!!

No name yet, but here is my new baby :D



Has the cutest little grumpy face ever!!!!!!!!!





And here is his tank buddy, my albino long finned bristlenose pleco (chillen under the leaf)


I also got myself a new betta, which I will post pictures of soon :D

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:heart totes adorable! Thank heavens you posted your pics :nana we were dying from impatience :rofl

I will be interested to see what color mr nameless becomes :)

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I am seriously soooooooo happy with this little one!!! Such a cutie haha. I am really excited to watch him grow and change colors.... he is only like 2 inches long (including tail!!)

Sorry I teased you guys LOL I was sooooo lazy last night!

I see one little white dot on his tail that looks like ich... I am thinking I will salt the tank to .1% and put a heater in just in case...

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So cute when they are little like that and their eyes pop out so freakin much lols he's a cutie, can't wait to see him all fat and wiggly

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