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can not wait to see him put on some color. although i am partial to bronzes and wild metallics anyway.

I'd like to see some color. :peeka

I'll do more pics next week Daniel. I"ve got bigger fish to fry this week. :yikes


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Ok ill let you off this time because I know you have your hands full. How is peanut?

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Peanut wouldn't eat the pea I tried to give him and Waddles is mopey. :(

Not sure if he will change color or not. :idont

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Waldo is 10 weeks old today and growing like a weed. He was 3.7 g last week. Here he is today. :flex:


He is officially bigger than Peanut was when we got him. :teehee

Couple more pics


In the 20.


And a video in a second. :)

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Me too!! I originally named him Waldo cuz he spent the first 24 hours (at least) hiding from me. Now that he is that bronzey dark color I still think that Waldo suits him cuz I find myself asking Where's Waldo a lot since he blends in with the black background and sand. :rofl3

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