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I wish. I looooove Waddles tail. Although I"m starting to think Alex is right and Peanut is the daddy. :rofl

I still need to do that WC. :thud

Scandalous :o

WC :bat:

Saki's tail is like Waddles. But, she has a tiny division of the top lobes.

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:nana. Just did the 100% WC. Took a very close look at his tail. I do think it's triple!! I just assumed it was split cuz from the side it looks so long and it seems like triple tails are always kinda short and stubby. :rofl

I can see a bit of a split at the very end but I'd say it's at least 75% fused. It's hard to tell cuz he's so fast. :rofl

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Thanks everyone!! I really can't believe it's been a month already. Another couple weeks and he'll be in the main tank. :o

Kidding, he still fits in Mom's mouth. :rofl3

Sonny, GF genetics are very complicated and not something I will even pretend to know anything about. What I do know is that Shawn, a member here, had fry from her 2 ranchus. About half of her fry were ranchu fry and other half had dorsal fins. :D

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