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6 gallon Dirt tank Journal.


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This tank is going to be on my desk. So that means I well be sitting up the web cam on it once done. Royal (my betta) and my three ADF's well be housed in this tank.

I am taking plants from the goldfish tank and the 10 gallon tank to set this up. I also have some floating plants on order that well go in the 10 and this tank.

This is what I have right now.


There well be a house plant on the left to block/filter the sun. The filter floss on the back is to keep the frogs from jumping into the back of the tank. I well have a heater, bubble stone in the back also.

The lighting is a 15 watt light. Tad to much but I have used it in the past with no problems. I'll post a link to the light and tank further down in my journal.

The dirt is Organic, the gravel is fluorite Seagram. It is smaller then other stuff I can find around here and what I have on hand.

Ill be updating this again soon going to go pick out some plants now.

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Ok now I have plants.

I have two stems on a plant right back that I never can remember the name of.

3 stems of my Nitrate buster plant left back.

Right front is what I believe to be a micro sword that I found when I took down the 35 gallon planted tank.

Left front is a bronze crypt.

I also added in a tiger lilly that has been having a hard time surviving in the goldfish tank and one of my moss balls.

I well finish filling the tank and start testing the water. Going to wait to add fish after cycle. Just keep doing every other day what changes on the other one.


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Ok I lied. I did a water test and the nitrate are at 5. So moved my Betta. I also trimmed the nitrate buster in the goldfish tank and added them as floaters in both the 10 and this one has one stem added till my floaters get here.

The tank is up live.

I am broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/GoFM come and check it out!

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This is the tank. http://www.amazon.com/JBJ-Gallon-Aquarium-Nite-Vu-Moonlights/dp/B001EUG8I8/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1390415317&sr=8-8&keywords=jbj+nano+cube However I replaced the light for a freshwater plant light and I don't use the filter that come with it or any of the media.

I bought the tank thinking someday I would set it up as a nano reef. But every time I research those type of tanks I chicken out. lol I am still very pleased with the tank. I keep shutting it down cause I feel like it could be so much more. Need to stop doing that and let the plants settle in and take off.

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Neither tank are cycling quickly like they should.

So I took media from my goldfish tank to put in the filter on the 10 gallon and took a sponge from the oscar tank and added in the back of the 6 gallon. Right now it is still running with just the bubblier but wondering is I should turn on the filter. It has a really strong flow and I am worried it well throw the betta round the tank.

Going to do water test again in a couple hours.

I have never had this much trouble getting a dirt tank going before and was always able to add fish right away. Not sure what is going on or if maybe I should go buy different dirt and start all over?

Also wonder if the test kit is just wrong. The fish in the 10 gallon are active and eating. However my betta in the 6 gallon is less active and not eating today. Maybe more him back to the 10 gallon a while?

Just thinking out loud.

Pictures from the 6 gallon this morning.



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Even though the tank is cycled I guess what my betta had gone threw the last week was to much. He passed during the night.

Did a water change and well wait on getting a new one.

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