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Bottom Sitting-Black moor


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Just put her back into the main tank and they are getting along swimmingly! :) We kept the salt at 0.1% and added a dose of Prazi. They seem to be handling it better this time thankfully. I will update again soon.

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Hi! Quick update: They are both doing well still! Yay! We have done one large water change and I think two smaller ones since I posted last. They seem very happy to not be medicated. Lol. Both are eating and I think P-body has even gained a little weight finally! :) I hope to post a video soon, but she seems to be getting "breeding stars" (from google searching what they are I think I am identifying them right) on her gills and front fins. That might mean she is actually a he...not sure. Lol. I'll get a video up as soon as I get a chance. Just wanted to update on their condition. :)

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