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Nemo and Nola have babies!


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Happy 3 months to the babies!!! Their actual birthday was the 15th so I'm a bit behind. :teehee

I'm actually feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. For those who haven't heard, I'm expecting our third child in November. The nausea has been rough this time and water changes are brutal. Normal fish smell has never bothered me until now. And with the fry still in the 20g so daily water changes are still a must. So, I've been looking for homes for these little guys. I gave 4 away about a week and a half ago, and without any other leads my husband posted an ad on the university's message board and we've gotten 8 responses in 20 minutes and 2 people have large ponds! I'm so excited...just overwhelmed trying to organize who gets what and how many and what their set ups are like, etc. Wish me luck as I send my babies to their new homes!

OMG! I did not know that you are expecting!!! Yay! Congratulations Erin :Jig:

Thanks, Sarah!!

Only 2 fry babies left waiting on their new Mom to pick them up. Lulu has been holding her own in the main tank. Think she's adjusting pretty well!

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The last two fry went home today. It was bittersweet. Tomorrow I will clean out the 20g and have it ready for future QT. My days of daily w/c are over!!! I will miss those little stinkers though. :)

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That's awesome! Did they take any home with them?

They did! They got some of the best...well my faves, anyway.

Hahahaha! I'm glad that I'm not the only one! I was waiting to be beaten with the Koko stick! :rofl3

I think it's somewhere in the Rules of the Forum:

If your fish have fry, you are required to keep at least one of them. :D


I knew there must be something like this. :teehee It didn't feel right entertaining the idea of not keeping one. I just want to be responsible. But, if I can do daily w/c for 3 months plus another tank. I can do w/c on 1 tank every 4-5 days for sure. I also feel like my hobby is kind of being put on the back burner with our surprise on the way...and it's hard to imagine a time when I get to go at it again full force with a new big fancy set up, etc. But, it will happen! I will try to get pics of the happy family (fish that is) up soon!

I just hope your morning (or should I say "all day"?) sickness has calmed down. I have had hyperemesis for every pregnancy. It's literally torture. I have no idea how tanks got done. lol. Whenever someone says they are pregnant, I get flashbacks. I hope you're feeling better!

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