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Pet stores in dublin ireland?


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Does anyone know of any good lfs or pet shops in dublin ireland? I pretty much know most of them within a 20 mile radius but does anyone know of ones that have a wide variety of goldfish ?

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Hi guys

I am indeed. Sorry I haven't been on the forum in a while so this might be a tad late.

I would usually buy my fish from Seahorse Aquariums in Ballymount Industrial Estate (beside the Red Cow Hotel).

They specialize in marine stuff but will usually have four or five tanks full of nice goldfish of different types and sizes.

It's ran and owned by a marine biologist/conservationist as far as I know and they take fish-care very seriously.


Fintastic aquatics in Dun Laoghaire are also good - their shop is small so they don't tend to keep too many goldfish in stock

but they can order things in for you. Artane aquatics are much the same - not very many goldfish in stock, but they are very knowledgeable and

can order for you (if you're patient).

To be honest, every other petshop I have visited in Dublin takes terrible care of their goldfish (in my experience).

I would give an honourable mention to the 'Pet Shop' in Dun Laoghaire - also on Patrick street (across from Fintastic).

It's not the fanciest or most high-tech place and they can't quite compete with Seahorse but the guy who runs it is nice

and he usually has a few nice fancies in stock (though they may need a little extra quarantining).

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All told, there isn't really a good 'market' in goldfish in Ireland. Seahorse is about the only place that regularly stocks a wide variety of healthy fish

but if you go there on the wrong day you might not find what you're looking for.

Oh, and Kinsealy Pet Shop isn't too bad.

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