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missing scales on new goldie


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*ammonia, nitrite, nitrate= 0 for qt tank and tap

*ph= 7.8 qt and tap

*Api master fresh water liquid test kit

*water temp at a 70°F

*the qt tank is 17 gals and these piggies are juvenile small. I do daily 100%WC.

*im using a small diy sponge filter using a air pump. plenty of surface agitation.

* 2 goldie occupants. 1 red cap oranda and 1 calico fan tail.

* I use seacem prime

* feed twice daily gel food

* I just got these fish a week ago and all I've treated them with is .1% aquarium salt.

So I just got these goldies and what I hadn't noticed at the pet store was my calico has one side of his body with a large amount of scales missing. idk how I missed that... but any ways do scales grow back? he's in QT with a .1%salt treatment... I'm going to treat prazi as soon as it comes in mail. im just concerned about the missing scales.

will they grow back? he seems fairly active still skittish but I assume that's normal.

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most of the time they do.. but please do have a closer look, sometimes when a fish has suffered a superficial injury that has not caused any scratching or bleeding of the skin, the most that has happened is that the actual colour has scraped off the scale.

irrespective of that, you need to go through the QT process just the same, so that treatment there is enough to heal the wound, if any :)

would you like to post some pics of your concern?

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