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Meet the Fish : Gwen

Gwen is a Western-type Ryukin. He’s called a Fantail, and I’m his number one fan. He’s my favorite fish, even though as a fish-mom of 17 I don’t think I’m supposed to have favorites.

You may have noticed Gwen’s breeding stars. Gwen is a boy-fish. But before I knew he was a guy I named him after Gwen Stefani because he wears red lipstick every day. We don’t know if he secretly likes it or is irritated that everyone calls him Gwen. He insists that Gwen is not a girl's name and reminds me of Gywn ap Nudd. That said, he likes to chase the ladies even though he can’t keep up with them. He is an extra buoyant little egg! He has a not-so-secret crush on Cali.

If he had a Habitrail filled with water, he would swim into the living room and chill out with me. He is almost always the first fish to notice me and he does this thing where he just locks consciousness with me by staring at me and gasping in my direction. He’ll dive down and then swim upward towards me over and over. He’ll try to hold my attention any way he can, and has taught a few of the other fish his attention getting tricks. He lets me pet him. He is Mr. Personality! He would get my vote for Mayor of Fishlandia. I think I owe you all a video of him being the awesome fish that he is. Talk about a water puppy….we just like being together.

I give him extra help at feeding time because he can’t fairly compete with the single-tail comets and a koi. Does he look overfed? I wonder sometimes if I over-feed him. He says not to worry about it and would prefer that I increase his food handicap. He knows he’s got my number.


"I'd like to swim with Blaze, Daniel E." -Gwen

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Meet the fish: Queen B.



Queen B is the alpha fish of my pond, which is nice way of saying that she is a bit of a beech. She throws her weight around like a Sumo wrestler in the ring. Her ring is anywhere there’s food. She even tries to push Skeletor around. Skels just rolls her eyes and ignores her. Nobody else does.

Move.No.JPG No.

Remarkably, I didn’t name her Queen B because of her domineering behavior. Driving home from the store with her highness in a lowly plastic bag I considered what I’d name her. Goldie? (Not my most inspired moment.) A voice in my head spoke, “NO WAY, I’m Queen B!” It was emphatic.

Well okay then. Who is going to argue with a telepathic fish? Queen B. she is and will always be. She trusts me to not harm her to a degree my other fish consider foolish. She’ll eat food out of my hand and even nets to let her fishy subjects know how well she’s tamed me.

Oh, and she once brought a fish back to life, metaphorically speaking. Shinto had disappeared for days and I figured a heron or raccoon had eaten him. When I brought Queen B home he reappeared. He was a new fish, following her around hoping to be her boyfriend. He won her over and they are unbelievably adorable, sleeping in their “house” together at night and acting like a real fish-couple.

Queen B and her boyfriend, Shinto


“Fins off, girls. He’s taken.”

In their “house” for the night

“You have failed me for the last time.”

A typical royal discussion.

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Meet the fish: Skeletor

Although she has a glamorous Italian fin-pal, Skels never wears lipstick....she's more the leather jacket kind of tough girl. Most of my guests assume she's a boy and that delights her. She says she's fine without a boyfriend, but she's never had one so I'm not so sure. Like Queen B, she chose her own name. I have never seen the children's cartoon with the villain in it named Skeletor - Matthew objected: do you really want to name your fish after an evil character? She just smirks.

She is my smartest fish and the fastest swimmer, spending whatever spare time she has on patrol. She doesn't trust anyone and is skeptical that I'm really on her side 100%. Her favorite pastimes are swimming through tunnels, darting about, and not letting Queen B. boss her around.


She thinks the koi clay makes the blood worms taste funny.


Daily Affirmation:


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Meet the fish: Fifteen Cent

Born a poor feeder fish, 15¢ is lucky to even be here. As you see, he retains plenty of his street ‘tude.


Here he is showing his extreme disapproval of having his picture taken.
I imagine it's because of his shady past. He definitely doesn't want me to post photos of him on the Internet, because he says

"there are fish lookin' for him."

One of them might be Mike's gangsta fish Moon.

That’s why I don’t have any baby photos of him: when I first brought him home to the pond he would sometimes hide for days. He used to be all black with a small orange spot on his crown. Now he’s up to a dollar at least, and is a fine common, if you excuse the oxymoron. He corrects me and says he's a comet.

He's often seen cougar chasing and doesn't mind more mature company. He's not afraid to flirt with Skels. He wears his breeding stars with pride. He tells me to stop putting him on blast. He'll probably be hiding for days after this.

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I think I'm safe jenzaar - he's loyal to me for saving his life and setting him up in a nice place after all. But if you're from the snail, mosquito or midge gang things can quickly turn life or death. He's just, um, dodgy. Avoids sunlight and cameras that sort of thing. He's cleaned up quite a bit after moving here and I hope he'll turn out to be a family fish once he has fry of his own.

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Meet the Fish : Vanilli

Vanilli’s eyes are always red.

That is not unusual for young residents of Northern California. It could be pollen allergies, or something else.

She always has the munchies -do you think she is starting to get a little overweight?

She doesn't like being mistaken for an albino. Lately she’s been eating color enhancing food so she can look more like her best friend, Milli. She wants me to point out her three new orange scales, which she is very proud of for some reason. I kind of liked her all-white look. It didn’t really hurt her feelings to find out that some people don’t appreciate white goldfish because she knows that she sparkles set against a black pond liner especially at night with the pond lights shining down on her.

Vanilli wants you to see her new orange scales:


"just like Milli!" :doh11:

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Meet the Fish : Milli


Milli’s best feature is her long tail.
She and Vanilli swim around together for hours, gossiping about who is acting like a feeder fish, and making fun of Queen B.

They are both on the Algae Diet.

Milli is a young mother of 5 and you'll meet her fry later in this thread. Queen B is not happy about the situation, since she has two fry of her own with the same daddy fish, Shinto.
Milli and Queen B, ignoring each other

Her Majesty consoles herself by reminding everyone who will listen that her fry are the prince and princess.

Milli does not let this bother her, as she thinks her fry are more attractive, braver, and well, “GOLD-er.”
And better behaved.

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Meet the Fish : Shinto


Shinto is the pond’s daddy fish. I brought him home because he looks like the Japanese flag. If he were a koi, he’d be the Tancho style.

He already has his own song about him on this thread, and I think that’s enough.
He'll be happy to hear that I've posted a closeup of his breeding stars:


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Meet the Fish : Tancho

Jan 2014 September 2014

Tancho looks like Shinto and Vanilli had a fry together, but she is actually one of Fifteen Cent’s homies from his ‘hood. Randomly pulled from the same feeder fish tank at my LFS, I can’t say I even picked them out. I probably should have called Shinto Tancho and vice versa, but it’s too late now.

Tancho hangs out with Fifteen Cent, they talk about the old days and not with any fond memories either. They’re both glad to have escaped their likely fate and that overcrowded tank. She and Vanilli sometimes disappear together for 10 minutes at at a time, I know they're both up to something but I can't figure it out.


She’s wants everyone to know she’s still Tancho from the block.

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Haha, you are so funny! Your fish and bond are beautiful

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Meet the Fish : Goldie Hawn


I've told you about how I acquired the goldfish “Goldie Hawn” from a friend earlier in this thread, but not much about her.
Goldie Hawn is a gentle, shy, graceful girl. Before moving here, she used to be able to take as long as she needed to find and consume her food. Now in the pond, the feeding frenzy of 17 other fish is far too aggressive and chaotic for her. I attempt to mitigate the craziness by spacing the food out a bite at a time and allowing plenty of mandatory “chew time” to no avail.
I've even invented the Goldie Hawn game, where I give my guests points if they can get any food into her at all. It is a difficult game to play!
She is my worst feeder, which can appear comical until you realize how vulnerable and pathetic she is.
She wants to eat and makes an effort but lacks the normal ability to find food and consume it at the rate of her peers. She might be brain-damaged or have physical problems or is an aspiring comic actress. Her long tail gets in the way of her being able to maneuver adroitly.
Here is a rather disturbing photo of her:
I feed her off a flat toothpick on a slant and she gets a few bites that way every day. She's able to glean a few fallen crumbs off the flat slab bottom but the other fish are much better and faster at scarfing it up.
They say love flows to where it is needed. I'm proud to have Goldie as an especially beautiful member of my pond and will do all I can to ensure she continues to thrive here.
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Your pond is full of gorgeous fish. :) I loved reading your stories above. Your such a great fish owner making sure that Goldie Hawn is eating enough food. Beautiful photo also of your water lily.

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Meet the Fish : Pierogi
The Next Generation

So if your mom decides to have everyone call her Queen - like Queen Latifah – and you're her son, does that make you a prince?

“Only to your mom,” answers Pierogi with a grin.

The fry of Queen B. and Shinto, Pierogi was spawned in the pond, hatched with 60 other fry in Tupperware, floated in a pond “ark” and raised indoors with his sister in a tank.

He got his breeding stars at 9 months.

At 11 months he joined the adults back in the pond. The topmost photo is Pierogi today at a year and 3 months.

A healthy eater from the start, food has played a central role in making Pierogi the hefty dumpling that he is today. He misses the fresh baby brine shrimp he used to eat, and says that freeze dried krill taste almost the same but are harder to chew. That's why he prefers his soaked first and chopped up into very small pieces, if you don't mind.

He had some early issues with food being a little too important to him and used to roughhouse his half-brothers and sisters who were 6 weeks younger. I decided he needed time out. In another tank. For a long time. How about 4 months Pierogi? When I released him back into the pond, I was hopeful and curious as to how he’d behave but luckily there haven't been any further bullying problems. Did he grow up? Miss being around other fish? Realize he wasn't the biggest fish anymore? We'll never know.

Both he and his sister YIFY are dark, even though dad was bright white and mom was mostly orange. They started out metallic olive or “black gold” as I've heard it called recently. They're still young, and I promise to keep you posted on any interesting color changes as they grow.

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