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On 6/25/2017 at 0:34 PM, mysterygirl said:


Here's a poor quality photo of the Ryukins and Goldie. I couldn't catch one of the amoonklein babies, but she's fine.
Perhaps doing the best, actually since I couldn't catch her, heh.


Chris here...  My Nautilus is your Amoonklein babies brother :)...  your babies are looking fabulous!!! And are getting round!!!  Nautilus is getting a nicely defined hump and belly...  And he's tail is gorgeous and about 1/2 of his total length...  Ally's fishes know how to make beautiful babies!!!  We are soooo lucky that she shared them with us!!!   Hugs from Nautilus to his brothers and sisters...

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Greetings KokoNuts, 

We had a recent server upgrade which broke the links of this thread for a couple of weeks.  All the photos are linking correctly now. 



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