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A way to enhance wen growth?


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Hikari oranda is not preferred because it's a floating food.

Oh ok ... That's weird that they make a floating food for orandas and a sinking food for lionheads! I was surprised when I brought the food home and realized it floated; usually the higher-quality foods sink. I feed it very rarely because I have a ryukin who gets a bit floaty from dry food, so I usually feed the Hikari frozen foods.

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I've almost had the same problem but luckily I saw that it was floating and traded the food back in for a bag of Hikari Lionhead before I opened it. Switch to this and don't look back!

As for floating food, my parents found that if you pre-soak a little bit and then crumble it into smaller pieces, they tend to sink more. Not sure if thats proper procedure but I've learned from their mistake (sort of) and only buy sinking food.

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