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3gal lowtech betta tank


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So I rescued a betta a few months back (august maybe?) and got him severely reduced because he was pinned to the surface looking quite pathetic:


But after weeks of gradually raising the water level and doing a bit of physical therapy ( :rofl) he's managing to live a fairly normal life.I suspect that his swim bladder is malformed most likely due to his shortened body that doubletails commonly possess, but he's fairly stable now in a tank with no current what so ever. I moved him from his smaller tank into a 3 gal and set it up as a low tech planted tank. The tank is around 3 gallons and has a few anubias, some small java ferns, duckweed and some kind of moss. I didn't have a light on it for quite a while but I had reward points to redeem so I picked up a small light for it this week. He shares the tank with two orange bee shrimp, and I plan to add a few more shrimp to it as well.





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WOW HE is beautiful! He sure looks 1,000,000,000 times better than when you got him! Great job!

I second this :-) looks like you did a really great job

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Thanks everyone! I really enjoy the lack of work this tank takes, the duckweed is currently taking over the tank surface. :rofl

wow! he's gorgeous :) I love your set up :)

May I ask where you got your tank? and what make it is?

Honestly I've had this tank since I was a child. It was my first real tank and at the time it was called an Explorer? I think Emperor made them because they came with an internal filter that was hidden in the hood that ran a biowheel. It had a plastic rim as well but I removed that too, so now it is just a sad acrylic shell of it's former self :rofl

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