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3 chooooos

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I had put up some video in previous weeks taken with my computer but the quality was lacking. Hopefully I have managed to capture better quality images this time.

This is Prissy




and Copper


We have had these little fin heads for about 10 weeks.

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Thanks people!

Seriously, they are adorable and their names are very cute too! :heart

I cant take credit for that. My spouse named them. I just call them "fin heads".

Awww! Their coloring is so cool. I would have to have a tank dedicated to 'chos someday.

I am thinking about setting up a second tank for Ryukins.....or maybe Pearlscales.

They are Soooooooooooooo cute!! How about some tank shots?

This one is old. I have since swapped out the hood floro for a Current frehwater LED. I I did post some vids showing the tank with the lights somewhere.....


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