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Choooos gave me a present.....


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The eggs hatched. Must have happened early this morning. The 3 stooges ate everything. They all but burped when i turned the tank light on this morning. I could see the guilt on those chubby little canibal faces. I did manage to locate 2 fry swimming in one of my plants but I lost sight of them. I do not believe they made it through the day. I am not set up to do anything with them anyhow, but I feel bad. :crying:

I am thinking about getting another tank set up so I could be ready next time I see eggs. I would love to see what colors I could get from the combination of a lemon head and a wild metalic. :idea:

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Why don't you remove the plant when you see the eggs? They will easily stick to the plant and you can transfer it from one tank to the other.

If you don't feel like taking out your plants, you could always try making a spawning mop! :)

Hope they spawn again for you!

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