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DIY 3d Background

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Here is some pics. I did them on my phone, while my dog was trying to get affection so excuse the quality.

I have my red/black moor, my red cap, and a red ryukin cycle this tank. I had to move the tank to the garage (man cave) and in the move I decided to cut the left "rock." I now regret that cut, but oh well. But it kind of reminds me now of some Asian wood block prints I have seen. I plan on getting more plants and bring my nicer fish down (I recently relocated). As well getting a driftwood piece or two.

Currently I have a 405 canister, a clear HOB (growing duckweed) and a jebo internal filter for filtration. I also have 2 300 watt heaters, and 3 pendant lamps each outputting 800 lumens (I plan to add one more). I want find a more cooler (color) bulb, I think these bulbs are too yellow.

The fake rock was very easy to cut, I simply used a small and a large hacksaw. I then secured the rocks in their positions with small dabs of aquarium clear silicone. The best way to cut was simply visualizing a intersecting plane where I wanted to make the cut, mark them with marker and cut. Once I cut I would mock them in the tank and trim the pieces as needed.

I enjoy that I also get to enjoy viewing the fish from top.

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It looks great :thumbs: Simon is very handsome :heart

Is there much room behind the faux rock and the tank glass where debris and poop can collect. I'd keep my eye on that :)

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