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I never posted much on this part of the forum as I didn't find many things that blew my mind. Well, my fluvial FX6 certainly does! I got it for my 500liter turtle tank - so think LOTS of dirt, ripped up plants, chewed up and spat out sepia bone, mess and more mess! Especially since they just had a growth spurt recently, and the mess has significantly increased! I used to run a large eheim on this tank, but I felt the need to syphon the dirt from the floor every few days, and the water always had particles flying around it in.

Well, I ordered my fluvial FX6 after doing some reading and this baby is a BOMB!!!!! I would highly recommend it for larger goldfish tanks. It is SUPER silent (something I didn't expect from such a giant machine), it cleans like a charm and has a no fuss maintenance. I feel like it is the correct price as it is really good quality and made from sturdy components. I tend to feel like Eheims are overpriced (mine always broke on me!). The fluval is a no fuss, heavy duty filter. It might be a little large to fit into some tank stands tho, so make sure you measure yours before hand.

Now my water is clear, the floor is soooo perfect I recently added sand because I trust this filter to keep it spotless (which it does), and the turtles love swimming around the output current!

I just did a water change today after 2 weeks of nothing and it was just like if the tank had been cleaned yesterday. LOVE IT!


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Brilliant! The current is quite strong, so I only suggest it for larger goldfish tanks. I am sure you could also rig up some sort of spray bar or something.

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