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My lovely lady Elrond is going to be a mommy again! ^_^


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Awesome pics! They have really grown and are sooo cute.

Yes they are! :) Sometimes I want to squeal a little they're so cute! :heart :heart :heart

Amazing pictures. Congrats on the giant brood!

Yeah, I did not realize that things were going to quite this successful when I started out. :rofl Even after taking the biggest fry out of their main tank, I still counted roughly over 80 :o And can you believe that while these fry were growing, their parents spawned twice more!

LOVE this thread :D

Those little guys are doing great! Congrats!!

Thank you! :)

I've also realized that way more than half of them are matte with button or smudged black eyes. I suspect those may be my calico ranchu's spawn, Calico Jack. :D

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Oh my goodness! What are you going to do with all those fish?

I've been asking people that I know if they would like a fish in the future, but so far, no real takers.

I'll probably give them to the LFS here that has been very helpful with fueling my addiction. I talked to one of the employees when I recently donated my ridiculously fertile guppies ( . . . huh, everything seems like it's been on quite the roll here as far as breeding goes :huh:) He said that I needed to speak to the aquatics manager first when I asked about getting store credit or something to sort of support my hobby in return, but he did not say that they don't do that. Either way, they'll be able to find new homes for them, as I can in no way keep 100 plus babies!

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I was taking pictures of them yesterday, and I noticed that some of them are getting in itty bitty little pearlscales! It's really hard to see, but I got some good pictures of it (especially in the last picture), and of their changing colors. Some of the calicos are getting black in their tails, and it's showing up as little black stripes along their fins! I hope they still have those when they get bigger, because I've always thought that looked so pretty :) They're taken about a week after the previous ones.







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I've found one of the babies that I would definitely like to keep. She (or he) has got the most unique calico markings of the whole batch. She had got this black stripe down one side that goes up into her dorsal fin. In the middle of the dark stripe are metallic black scales that sparkle and shimmer. You can see her in the previous posts (fourth picture down on the fist set, then second to last in the second set of pictures on page 2 of the thread :) ) You can see how a line of silvery metallic scales darkened into a deep black stripe down her side :wub:



As you can see, she's going to be black, gold, and white, with both her sides drastically different.. She does not appear to be getting pearlscales, at least not yet anyway.

The next pictures are of some of my big boy fry. The smaller ones in the other tank appear more like the last set of pictures I posted, but some of the guys in this tank are getting HUGE! Well, huge compared to the other fry :P


The bronze colored ones are the results of mixing the pearlscale with the black moore, I believe. They were the first eggs to hatch, and the fry always seemed a little larger than the others. I haven't really noticed them changing colors yet, and I'm not sure if they will or not. The largest one is probably a little over an inch with tail, but he's still pretty skinny, not plumping out like some of the others are.







She's so pretty! I love her little speckles!

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Thank you everyone! :D

I was wondering about doing prazi on them. Is it really necessary? I've never used it on any of my fish, and I've heard it recommended a lot here. I'm just a little cautious about doing it on fish that aren't exhibiting any symptoms of sickness. I haven't had a major die off or anything, and I still have over a hundred fry. I guess I have this little fear in my head that if I medicate them unnecessarily, they'll all end up belly up in the tank. :huh:

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My babies are three months old now! I went ahead and gave them and all my other fish a dose of PraziPro for a week. I ended up sorting through all of the bigger ones earlier this week, and gave 70 of them to the LFS. They were very excited and gave me some store credit, which I was happy with. :) I was hoping to wait until they were a little bigger, but I had to give them away sooner rather than later because there were so many of them and I don't have quite enough tank space. I found about 18 of them that I wanted to wait a while longer before I decided if I want to keep them or not, and I still have probably 60-70 plus that still need to grow out a little more.


I kept all these little fishies as they met all my physical requirements. The three wild fry colored ones are the result of mixing Elrond with my Black Moor, Othello. I have no idea if they will change their colors later on or not, but they were the first set of eggs to hatch, and have always been a little bigger than most of the other fry. The calicos are the results of my calico ryukin, Calico Jack, being the father. Also, the one with the black stripe I am definitely going to keep. She (or he I guess :rolleyes: ) is a very pretty fish, and I've been keeping my eye on her for a while! :D


My sorting system. I was trying to pick out the ones with the best fan tails, and even fins. I ideally wanted them to have only one anal fin, as those seem to have a tendency to be crooked, but there were a few that were very pretty, and even though they had double anal fins, they were even, as far as I could tell, so I put them in a keep bucket.


All of the fish I gave away. There were some very pretty calicos in here, but they had some sort of imperfection. As much as I would love to keep all or most of the baby fish, I can't keep all of them. There were about 56 in the bucket when I took these pictures.




They pooped a lot. :lol3

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