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Kite meets Blimp (5+ pictures)


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Finally! At first it seemed I'd never have a cycled tank, then find the fish I wanted for it. That was from March through May, and that feeling came back when I decided Blimp needed a friend! I got really lucky and had a very easy quarantine once I did find her, so after about five weeks, the time has come to introduce Kite to the main tank! :D


She's shy.




Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!


Hi! A little too eager to meet Blimp. :o

For a little fish-to-tank size comparison:


I'll try to get a better full tank shot tonight.

It's funny, she really doesn't look that much smaller than Blimp, but he's almost three times her mass! Of course I forgot to write it down, but she's gone from 7.5g to 10.5 (I think - that's what i forgot to write down :doh11:) in the last month. I fed pretty lightly in QT, so I think she'll bulk up really well now that she's in here. :flex: Methinks she's got a bit more of a hump now, too :teehee

You can count on me posting more pictures as they come along!

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Yay so cute!!! :D :D I love their names, too :D

Thanks! :D Motherredcap gets credit for Kite's name, which I think fits perfectly. :heart

Blimp just looks like a blimp sometimes, so.. :idont


:heart what a cute pair of goldfish :wub: I'm sure they will be besties in no time :nana

Thanks for sharing :)

Aww thanks!!

They are adorable. I like your tank.

Thanks, Heidi :)

That's a lot of space :) Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2


Awesome!!! They are gorgeous Jenna!!!

Aww thanks!! :heart

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They look so cute together!! And if you need a babysitter, you just send lil Kite to Auntie Lisa. :whistle


Yup. As soon as Waddles comes over for his first sleep over. :yeah:

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Oh wowzers! What a couple of totally adorable fish Jen! Lucky lucky fish....................SO much room. :)

Hehe thanks, Becs! I think they'll fill it up eventually :)

They make such a cute little couple :)

Thanks! I think so too. :teehee I take back what I said about Kite not being that much smaller... Blimp is definitely way bigger :rofl

What a cute pair!! Kite reminds me of my Winston, I miss him.

Aww, thanks! I have one that I especially miss, a bronze lionhead named Boomer. :heart

congrats on the smooth qt and finally meeting blimp :) so cute both of them :) I also love your tank :)

Thanks so much! I just took the driftwood out of my tank so it seems a little bare to me. I'm pretty happy with it though. :)

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So exciting! ?They were made for each other.

They look so nice together. :heart

Oo I love em! :D

Awe :D She looks so happy to meet him haha

Haha yeah, not quite as eager now as Blimp has taken to chasing her around. :o hopefully it'll calm down soon and they'll settle in.

Wait!? Five weeks of qt went already?? That was fast. :)? They look very cute together.? I too love the name.? I love your tank also.? Your fish look soooo small in it. :)

Slightly less! We got her on October 7, and the rounds went so quickly after I decided to do some 5-day rounds instead of 7. :)

Thanks for all the compliments. :hug I couldn't think of a better name for her. The tank is coming along, I make little changes here and there so it's always slowly evolving :teehee

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Congrats on the successful qt! They make a cute pair ;)

Thanks, Lori! I felt like I was cheating the whole way through qt, she made it too easy. :teehee

Woot! They are both gorgeous, and it will be quite fun watching them grow! :)

Thanks so much, alex! :D

I agree, I had a pretty slow start to Blimp's growth but I think I've finally figured out how much to feed. They'll both take off! (Get it? A kite and a blimp, taking off huhhuhuh. :donthit:)

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