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10kg of sand later..


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I thought what better way to spend birthday money then on my goldies :teehee


I'd been planning on getting the sand since I started the tank and now its in I couldn't be happier, I love how all the muck stays on the top so I can easily clean it :D

The bubble curtain is also new, I was initially going to get one with red LEDs but I think the white looks better with the plants.


This is the ornament I was made for the goldies, now taking pride of place in the centre :wub:


And this is how it looks with the main light turned off, hoping to try get my real camera working tonight so I take some funky night shots.

And the post would be complete without the spoilt babies



Hoping that this weekend I can go get some more plants and some other bits so watch this space!

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Thanks for the happy birthdays :) I really didn't think I'd love having sand as much as I do, it's such a good substrate! Plus the goldbabies seem to be happier with it too.

I'm finding it so difficult to get any work done cause all I wanna do is watch them! :teehee

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ooh! Love how the lights look at night.

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Sand looks great! :) the sculpture and bubble wall are fabulous! Excellent setup :thumb:

Happy Birthday! :happydance

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Thanks everyone! Though I'm gunna have to do something about the symmetry, its driving me crazy, defiantly need some more anubias to go on the other side? :lol3

yes that kills me sometimes. I'd get so frustrated with the 80 because plants on one side was not growing like plants on the other. I feel more content with an asymmetrical plant setup now lol.

Yours looks awesome though. :)

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