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New Betta Owner W/ Question


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Hey all! I have a question about my 2 new bettas and their completely different personalities. I'll give you a little background info first.

About a month ago I was at my local nooppee...horrified by their fish...when I stumbled across the bettas. I found this one betta that wasn't looking too great, and really wasn't all that pretty compared to the other bettas. He was a cream color, with dark blue specs, and a few aqua streaks in his tail. I thought to my self that no one would ever want this guy 'cause he wasn't the cutest...plus this is nooppee that we're talking about...he'd probably die there. So, I marched back to the craft section and found a really cool vase with very wide top, shaped like this


that holds a gallon or more, some cool river rocks, and brought the sad betta home.

He's doing great! Really improved in health and color now that he's in good water conditions and being fed right. I had trouble getting him to eat betta food so I had to try brine shrimp and bloodworms, which he likes, but still doesn't eat alot. He is pretty active yet docile. He seems happy to me. Swims around alot, but seems to just chill sometimes.

So, now I'm all into my new betta and the other day I picked up a 2nd betta to put into my 5gal that houses my 2 ADF's. This second betta has a totally different personality. This guy never sits still. He constantly swims from side to side, up and down...he looks healthy, eats fine, but just seems so different from the other one. I'm concerned that he doesn't like his new tank. I always thought that restless fish were unhappy. Is my new fish unhappy?

The differences between the 2 environments are, the new fish has a heater (75 degrees), filtration, a little more room, and tank mates (that don't seem to notice each other anyway).

Do my bettas just have 2 complete personalities and that's natural, or should I be concerned about one of them?

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to give the background info...



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Guest sourmilknightmares

I think it is just your bettas have two different personalities. The different enviroments might come into play a bit but overall I think the reason is due to their different personalities. A one point I had something like 13 bettas, all housed in tanks similar to each other and they all had different personalities and would do their own thing. Even now that I have two males in the exact same set up (1 gallon tank with an under gravel filter) one is a little psycho (seriously! The dumby eats his own tails!) while the other one is a bit more reserved (doesn't eat his tail) but can still get excited when he wants to.

I wouldn't worry about them at all. Your new one may be younger as well and the younger ones seemed to be the craziest running off of all those hormones ;)

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