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(Wanted) Live Plants For Sale or Trade


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I'm looking for tough, goldfish safe, live plants. I'm not too picky on what they are, just as long as I can afford shipping and start getting some plant-action going in my 55.

I already have four moss balls, so I'm safe there LOL.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Are you looking for plants that require substrate or plants that float or can be attached to stuff?

A mixture of everything really. I would prefer substrate or floating plants since I don't really have anything to attach to.

Do you want some water sprite? I have to thin down the goldfish tanks for moving. These are bug free.

Sure! I'll happily take it.

I can get you a bunch of water lettuce but it'll come with small snails. They've never been a problem for me... snails gets rid of all my algae problems and my common eats all of them when they get big enough. :D

I don't mind snails, my group will demolish them no matter the size LOL

For those of you who have already replied, I will PM you my address and we can go over shipping fees and things like that.

Thank you! The responses were greater than what I was expecting! :)

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