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POST-costia, how to proceed


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I was foolish enough to somehow bring home costia from a show, and lost a prize oranda and several ranchu. I have all my unaffected ranchu in one tank, and I am running a UV sterilizer hoping it will kill anything that somehow makes it in there (I have sterilized all my nets etc).

I have one tank that I had a few fish die in and one is now lingering on, fairly weak after treatment. As its a large display tank I am emptying it, cleaning it, and running a UV on it too.

My question is this, I have to use the same filter, its mature, it would be mad not to. I have done a 100% WC and now have the UV running. Could costia be lurking in this filter? Second question, is a bare bottom tank better in terms of disease prevention?

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I'm sorry that you are having troubles. I believe that I brought something into my tank too. It's frustrating.

As for whether bare bottom tanks have fewer diseases, some people will tell you that. However, that's not what I've seen in my years here. Keepers with bare bottom tanks and good practices have had serious problems, as have people with tanks with substrate. People like bare bottom because it's easy, and they might make health claims, but what I've seen is that there's no evidence of it.

I must confess that I have substrate and always have. That has made me more sensitive to those claims. Btw, with substrate for years, this is the first time I've had a seriously sick fish, and I believe the problem is from inadequate qt or plant sterilization. So, it's my fault.

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maintenance is the key here, wether it be disease or parasitic..

could you answer all the questions so that we have a better understanding of your current set up as well as post pictures of the said costia affected fish?

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