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Red sore


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I have a 6-inch shubunkin that has developed a red bump on its left side and the body is swollen on the left side. The bump has some depth and texture to it and a few scales around are sticking out slightly. The scale abnormality is local around the bump and is not universal and does not appear to be dropsy.

It has been in an approximately 1,000-gallon outdoor pond all summer. I got a good look at it today as I was pruning back the lilly pads and getting the pond ready for winter. The maximum temperature was upper 70s F in late July and has slowly gone down to its current temperature of 56F.

The other 9 fish in the pond are all healthy.

Here’s the stats of the pond water, the Ammonia tested with ATI drops, the rest with ATI. strips:

Ammonia 0
Nitrates 5
Nitrites 0
Chlorine 0
Alkalinity 100
Ph 6.8

Filtration is Aquascape mechanical and another biological filter with a very powerful pump pushing a waterfall. The pond gets Aquascpe beneficial bacteria--lately its cold-water formula. Aquascapeinc.com

The fish were fed Aquscape pond food (lately its cold-water formula) and I’m sure lots of bugs and plant roots.

I moved the suibunkin inside and it is now in an isolated 10-gallon tank with pond water, so the temp will slowly rise to room temperature. Not set up yet but the 10-gallion will have a Penguin 150 filter.

Anyone have any advise as to what I should do next?

All the best,





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I would guess starting with aquarium salt, but don't do anything on my word. Wait for a mod to chime in. We have some wonderfully smart people here that can give great advice.

Be ready to do big, frequent water changes as the 10 gallon is very small for the fish. Best of luck with your sick fish.

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the size of it looks to be a bacteria cyst to me.. which is very common. however, in a pond environment and sporting a season change, some fish tend to get a little rough with activity, this could also be an injury which could be growing some bacteria.

I am more inclined to think that it's a cyst that will burst & heal on it's own.

I would firstly like you to bring the qt tank up to 0.1% salt, repeat 12 hours later to bring it to 0.2%

is it possible for you to do 80% water changes to the hospital tank for the next few days?

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First, thank you all for your advice and support.

The shubunkin is doing better. I've been doing the 80% water changes and the salt concentration is at 0.2%.

The color of the sore has faded conciderably although the swelling has not gone down yet. I will keep this routine going.

And, to Georgia: Mr. (Ms.?) Shubunkin is very flattered by your generous compliment and says 'thank you' and wishes all the best to you, Orange and Olive.

Thanks again,


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