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The move and my new chu's!


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Hey guys!

I haven't had any Internet for 5 weeks because we've moved house. The move was so stressful, it took me hours to take the tank apart, and when we got to the new house we couldn't get into the drive for 4 hours because of the removal men. The fish coped well though, and are looking well :) here are a few photos of them in their travel box, and in the tank (this is how the tank was set up when I moved in, it's been pulled apart somewhat since and isn't looking great)










I now live literally 30 seconds drive from an aquatic shop...so I can't help but go and have a look regularly :D I'd seen a nice 160 litre tank that had been reduced. It was there for a week or two, and I couldn't make my mind up. Then one day, I'd taken my sister with me, and in a display tank tucked away in the corner of the shop, she pointed out two really cute ranchus. I couldn't leave them there, they looked so miserable, so I bought them there and then, and the tank too :D I think they are both female

Here are some pictures of them on the day I set the tank up. I shall get some more pictures tomorrow :) I need to increase the filtration, and the tank will be planted up eventually :)







Love this picture


And this one


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Thanks Ashlee, all I can suggest is just don't panic, I was getting stupidly stressed, as I also had my tropical fish sat on the back seat of my car for hours, it was a nightmare! I hope your move goes smoothly :)

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I'm glad the move went well. I'm planning to move if I can just get someone to buy my house. I'm sad that you had to tear down that gorgeous planted tank, but I bet you will have it looking good in no time!! And congrats on the new cuties!! :clapping:

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Those FACES!!! They look like little water teddy bears. I love them. Great find! Congrats!

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Glad the move went smoothly ;) great find with the new chus! :heart can't wait until your planted tank is set up :nana

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