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My Giant Danio (?) doesn't look good at all.


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This guy (My Evil Lazarus Fish) lives in my 300 litre tank with 6 goldfish and a zebra danio. I bought him with a bunch of zebra danios about 3-4 years ago. Him and the zebra are the only remaining ones. I think he is a Giant Danio, I know he snuck in with the zebras I bought. (I know now Danios shouldn't be kept with Goldfish and should have heaters, I didn't back when I bought them, I listened to the pet store advice that Danios can live fine with goldfish)

I change 80% of the water once a week. The total filtration is about 3,200lph, between the filter that came with the tank and a cannister.

About 2 years ago he jumped while I was cleaning the tank and survived being on the floor unnoticed for about 15 minutes.

Today I found him just lying on the bottom upside down. I thought he was dead but he swam away when I tried to scoop him out. I have him in a small amount of water in another tank right now. He just lies on the bottom. When he swims he stays upside down or on his side.

He has no interest in food, doesn't try to jump once I have hold of him like he usually does. He does swim away from me, but he doesn't seem very interested in anything. It's really distressing seeing him like this and I'm wondering if it's best to PTS :( He was fine yesterday.

Sorry, I forgot to test the water before changing it :(


Video = https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151755092563019&l=5730682276479532618

And sorry, I really had no idea where to post this. He isn't a goldfish, but not a betta.

(Edit - Oh man now I find the DD thread. Sorry, please move it)

  • Test Results for the Following:
    • * Ammonia Level (tank): I didn't test the water before changing it :(
    • * Nitrite Level (tank)
    • * Nitrate level (Tank)
    • * Ammonia Level (Tap):0
    • * Nitrite Level (Tap)0
    • * Nitrate level (Tap)0
    • * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)7.6
    • * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)7.6
    • Tank information:
      • * Brand of test kit (drops or strips):
      • * Filter name and size (GPH/LPH) Total of 3200 LPH
      • * Additives and conditioners: Prime
      • * Water temperature (With or without heater- please specify): Unknown
      • * Last water change date: Before today, it would have been the 7th of October I think
      • * Tank size (Gallons or litres): 300 litres
      • * Fish in the tank (species and number):6 goldfish, zebra danio
  • * Any new fish added into the tank: no
  • -If Yes: Were they quarantined?
  • -If Yes: Quarantine period and process (meds added):
  • * List prior health issues in tank: Ich,
  • * Medications previously added to the tank:
  • * Medications on hand: Epsom Salt, Pimafix, Melafix, Metro
Affected fish information:
  • * Diet- brand and amount/duration of feeding: The same pellets my goldfish eat, and a homemade gel food
  • * Any unusual behaviour such as nipping, bottom sitting, etc: Laying on bottom of tank, not moving, little gill movement
  • * Any unusual findings on fish and in tank: no
  • * Affected fish in quarantine or in main tank: in QT now
  • * Current medications being used on affected fish: none
  • * Previous medications used to treat affected fish: none
  • * If any, list previous health issues and treatment protocols taken:)
  • * You can really help us to identify with the concern more accurately if you post some pictures and a short video.
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He is an enormous danio!

Usually when something hits a small fish this quickly, medications just put too much of a strain on their organs which are usually already compromised. I really don't have any suggestions for treatment that I feel would be worth trying at the moment, just because there's a myriad of possibilities for him being like this.

He looks bloated to me, but then again he's a very large danio so I'd need your word for whether or not he is bloated or normal?

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Danios generally have the same life span of a betta in captivity, but I'm not sure about giant varieties. I'd assume they'd have a shorter life span, but I'm not too sure.

Let us know how he is in the morning. He may pass overnight, but if he's the same id consider euthanising :(

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Thanks :( He is gone now. He went very quickly and peacefully. I'm glad I always keep clove oil on hand :(

He was my evil jerky fish, who liked to jump out the tank and slap me in the face, but I loved him. I'm glad I had the equipment to end his suffering

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