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First oranda ever! :D Need names :D


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A week and a half ago, I went to a far away fish store and fell in love with a little oranda. And I went through the entire store picking out things for my other tanks, but he just didn't leave my mind. So I impulse bought him. And stuck him in my QT. During this week, my black moor died. I had no idea why so I waited a few days with no signs of any sickness in my main tank and Mr. Oranda did GREAT in the QT. I woulda uploaded pictures earlier, but theres no light on my QT so they would've been bad. SO. I came home tonight and decided that it was time for him to join his friends. Pepper (my calico) never left my black moor's side, and she's been mopey and sitting in the corner since he passed. I put new oranda in the tank tonight, and they won't stop touching each other. I call him "he" because I know Pepper is female and he has NON stop had his nose up her tail fins :P It warmed my heart seeing them get along so quickly :D :D

Here, have a lot of pictures:


"Oh mah gosh! This tank is so big!!!"




The rare picture of Nugget in the back ground! She's shy, what can I say.


Pepper is pumped.


Full body shot? Of Nugget the pearlie!?!?! WHAT!?!!? They met each other mighty quick. Nugget was actually a fan of him and didn't run away.


See what I mean???? Naughty fish.


He's sweet <3


And they already don't leave each other's sides so thats always a good sign.

I would love some name suggestions. I asked my boyfriend for help and all he could come up with in the week and a half was "Sandy"............ Yeah.

I like Jasper but I really would love more suggestions! Thanks for looking!!!! :D

PS. I just went back and looked at all the pictures to make sure they uploaded fine and started laughing SO hard because Nugget is in ALL but two pictures. And I didn't notice it at first. Sneaky little photobomber :P

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Ugh :( now I had too many names to choose from :P

Thanks everyone! He's such a character. He's so incredulous about everything. He'll go up to a plant and just kinda state at it for a minute, nibble it, then move to a rock, then a pebble, then the intake tube, over and over with pepper by his side. I'm in love

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That's a very pretty Oranda. Congratulations! Have you chosen a name yet? S/he kinda reminds me of orange sherbet fwiw. A PetsMart near us had a good-sized (for that PetsMart) Oranda that looked very similar a few weeks ago, actually was there several weeks. This evening was the first time we've been there in a few weeks & the Oranda is nowhere to be seen...if your Oranda is from PetsMart & you adopted the same fish, thank you for giving her/him a great home. I worried about the fish but we'd have been overstocked, without adding a tank or having the fish be an extended-stay Sterilite refugee.

In any case, you have a beautiful fish & the lucky fish has a wonderful home. Yay!

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