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After Getting The Larger Air Pump & Bendable Airstone

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Here it is, I got it from cll_petsupplies on ebay.

Aquarium Flexible Bubble Wand Fish Tank Air Curtain Wall Decoration 24"



Description :


The flexible bubble wand creates a beautiful decorative of bubble curtain. Convenient, flexible wands bend to fit any space – behind rocks, around decorations, etc. – improving circulation and oxygenation. Weighted design ensures "stay-put" placement - wand won't float to surface. No unsightly suction cups necessary.


Length: 24"

Diameter: 0.4"

Fits to standard aquarium air line tubing of 3/16" I.D.


1 piece of flexible air wand

Shipping :


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I love how your tank/anubias/driftwood is set up :nana:heart

Your bubble wall is wonderful :thumbs:

The goldfish well, AmaZing :wub:

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Thanks Dan. Funny about that fish. She does look bronze in my tank, which I think is my lighting{My bulbs are basically pink-powerchrome aquaflora giesemanns. They are also way out of spectrum. I am waiting for hubby to give me a hand putting in the new ones that have been sitting there waiting..{for a month *sigh*} I am interested to see if that makes a difference. She was sold to me as a 'lavender ranchu'. Either way I love {I think she's a female} her. I call her Charlie..a little kid over the net named her because I told the member she reminded me of Thomas the train. Supposedly her kid said the purple one is named Charlie lol.

here are Ken's pics...

the result might be from blue lighting that he uses...not sure

she cost me a small fortune!



she does have a bronze look to her body here


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It looks great! When I got a more powerful airpump my bubble wall really took off too.

Love all the green in your tank!

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Your tank always looks so gorgeous with everything you do to it past and present. I do love all the big bubbles though.

I love Charlie. What a big fish and beautiful colors. I noticed that Ken has a few gorgeous Ranchu (colors) now for sale this weekend.

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