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Plants in plant pots, goldie proof?


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I am interested in making at least one of my planted tanks a bare bottom goldie tank with plants attached to stones, but retaining one or two crypts and criniums and planting them in terracotta pots using the substrate I liberate from the tank.

Last time I did this I was using pea gravel and the goldfish rooted about in the pea gravel, tipped it out of the pots and generally made a mess. Has anyone come up with a device or system to stop them doing this, whilst retaining the aesthetics of the plants?

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glass candle holder votives work too, once the plant is in, there's virtually no room for the fish to swim in and forage. Again, larger stones on top will make it even more goldfish-proof. :P


Your local craft store will probably have many different shapes and designs...the possibilities are endless! ;)

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